Thursday, May 24, 2012

Rovio Launches Facebook Game, 'Angry Birds Friends'

Rovio Launches Facebook Game, ‘Angry Birds Friends’

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Rovio announced a new social, competitive addition to the Angry Birds universe Wednesday morning.
Angry Birds Friends invites Facebook users to play weekly challenges against their Facebook friends. Players can win power-ups and gold crowns for beating their friends’ scores.
Additionally, Rovio will release new levels each week for Angry Birds Friends players. The game is playable now on Facebook.
While Angry Birds was already available on Facebook, Angry Birds Friends offers deeper social integration so players can easily see how they did against their friends. It also has Facebook Timeline features, and will post high scores on the player’s timeline.

This Facebook release continues Angry Birds dominance; the franchise recently hit 1 billion downloads, helped dramatically by the release of Angry Birds Space earlier this year.
Watch the video above, released by Rovio, to see the trailer for Angry Birds Friends. Will you play Angry Birds against your friends? Let us know in the comments.


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